Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Introduction & Manifesto

Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to The Plastic Floor.

I'm Zeki and this here is my first foray into the "blogtopia" or whatever you kids are calling it nowadays. I know it all looks a bit sparse and unprofessional at the moment, but being a complete technical amateur means I'm starting from the ground up. Believe me, it will get (moderately) better. And it's the content which counts, right?

Basically, I love listening to music, reading about music and writing about music, so the world of blogs seemed like the obvious way to indoctrinate others. And I was getting a little tired of constantly being chased away from the outside of HMV, my soapbox and megaphone thrown after me.

Yes, this is yet another music blog. Hopefully I'll be able to bring something to the table already overflowing with delicious wares, although what that is exactly is still a little unclear to me. I'm not an absolute authority on all matters musical. Nor am I a crusader for "brand new music" - You'll rarely find me scouring Myspace for the hottest new unsigned bands.

No, I will be covering music which is probably very familiar to people in the know, as well as music which was familiar to people in the know when the band was familiar to people in the know.. Well, you get the idea i think. My plan is just to write about various bands, albums and songs I think are deserving of some discussion, perhaps provoking some thought/interest and hopefully convincing people to give something a bit of time (or to avoid something, depending on my critical stance).

All things being well I'll be providing various mp3s for your delectation, for sample purposes of course. In fact, i'm a strong believer in the purchasing of albums, so if you like something you discover here please go make a purchase. If I'm particularly derogatory about an artist such samples may be unworkable: I'd definitely prefer not having my backside handed to me by the legal profession.

P.S. I realise right now that i have the sum total of 0 readers, but hopefully this figure will grow, Perhaps one day this opening post will be seen as the defining turning point in the history of culture. Hey, it could happen..


Tom said...

I've read it!

Zeki said...


hope you come back for more

Anonymous said...


Zeki said...

i don't think i could put their greatness into words

one day, maybe..